Our Shipment Process

We ship with CIF incoterm

In CIF terms, the seller clears the goods at origin, places the trucks onboard and pays for insurance until the port of destination.

How does buying on WTX work?

Learn step by step how we handle your purchase.

YouBuy trucks

You buy trucks on our marketplace and transfer the money onto an independent escrow account held by a global trusted bank.

WTX logoOrganizes logistics

WTX prepares the trucks for export and make sure the trucks is on time for departure at the port of origin.

Included in the price you payed
WTX logoShips for you

WTX ships your trucks for you from the port of origin to the port of destination.

Included in the price you payed

We ship faster and cheaper.

~ 4-8 weeks delivery time. Due to our exclusive partnerships, we are able to offer lower, all-inclusive pricing.

WTX logoDelivery at port

The ship with your trucks arrives at the port of destination.

Included in the price you payed
YouPick up your vehicles

Your responsibility is it to pick up your trucks from the port of destination and complete importing procedures.

Find the documents we will share with you by default and let us know if you need more.

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